Look who has ties to the Brumder Mansion.

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Hattie McDaniel

Mystery Writing Boot Camp

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Al Capone
Hattie McDaniel

The Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, WI

Jack Pachuta

Thursday, April 23rd to Saturday April 25th, 2020

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Discover the Secrets of Murder Mystery Party Writing when you join a Select Inner Circle of Wordsmiths in a Haunted Victorian Mansion with a Mysterious Past

Al Capone

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‚ÄčDear Mystery Writing Colleague,

Have you ever wanted to write the perfect murder
mystery plot, but didn't know where to start? If so,
then a Mystery Writing Boot Camp is the place
for you.

At a Boot Camp, you can construct your very-own murder mystery scenario along with other budding mystery writers from across the nation as you grace the hallways and passages of the Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee. You'll be able to share ideas and plot twists as you finalize the scenarios of unforgettable murder mystery scripts.

The Brumder Mansion has a - shall we say - checkered past, one that you'll want to know more about. It was built in 1910 by publisher George Brumder who died shortly thereafter. Ten years later, it was sold to gangster Sam Pick, an associate of Al Capone's, who oversaw a variety of illegal activities from inside its walls.

Yes, it is also a HAUNTED HOUSE. Psychics and mediums have reported the supposed presence of a plethora of ethereal spirits within the mansion. What better place to construct a murder mystery? Just go to YouTube, search for "Brumder Mansion", and you'll see what I mean.


At a Mystery Writing Boot Camp, you will spend three exciting days with other sleuthing aficionados. As a group, we'll brainstorm motive, means and opportunity while we refine your plot. I'll be there the entire time to share with you my (gulp!) 37 years of experience in putting together well-crafted murder mysteries.