This was a really great opportunity. The instructor was really nice. He had a great sense of humor. Everybody here was really kind. I think it was amazing.

Elizabeth Kashinn, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

Reference for Mystery Writing Boot Camp

Discover the Secrets of Murder Mystery Party Writing when you join a Select Inner Circle of Wordsmiths in a Haunted Victorian Mansion with a Mysterious Past

AND, a mother-daughter writing team . . .

Reference for Mystery Writing Boot Camp

Here's what people say about the Mystery Writing Boot Camp!

Reference for Mystery Writing Boot Camp
Reference for Mystery Writing Boot Camp

I'd suggest it to anyone, any age, any occupation. It asserts your inner strengths, your inner talents. It brings them out. I found that I could do a lot more than when I arrived here.

Mary Surber,

Pryor Creek, Oklahoma

If you think you can write a murder mystery, there is so much more to it. I was amazed to see all the angles and the activity and the mindset that Jack has. He can take a scenario and just run with it. He can expand upon it. It was well worht the time and the effort.

Cyndi Johnston,

Salina, Oklahoma

Reference for Mystery Writing Boot Camp
Reference for Mystery Writing Boot Camp

Jack provided personal attention. His enthusiasm was infectious. He was willing to share his expertise and give us the benefit of his experience. My questions were answered. Assistance was give. He allowed me to use my own ideas but improve upon them.

Craig Williams,

Hutchinson, Kansas

The Brumder Mansion in Milwaukee, WI

Reference for Mystery Writing Boot Camp

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Mystery Writing Boot Camp

It was one of the most pleasant experiences in my life. I enjoyed being with other people, laughing, learning, using creativity. The steps are clear, concise and easy to understand. Jack's sense of humor makes it all wonderful.

Mary Jo Woods,

Escondido, California

It's a ton of fun and really comprehensive into how to do it yourself. It's all about character development and scene setting. If you want to energize your creativity, I highly recommend it.

Laurel Kashinn, Cedarburg, Wisconsin

I really enjoyed the boot camp and appreciate all you did to make it so much fun and extremely helpful! Your wisdom, hospitality, and personable personality made it absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

Luane Baker,

Bondurant, Iowa

It provided an opportunity to create a world in a story. Jack's ability to support our thinking and our story lines, as well as being able to question and redirect our thinking resulted in a completed product that truly enhanced this experience.

Linda Grote,

Hutchinson, Kansas